Parkway ride!

31 Jan

Blue Ridge Parkway goodness!  Oh and it helped that it was 71 degrees today, quite nice if I might say so myself for January!

Blue Ridge Parkway Ride!

How good of shape will you be in when springtime hits?!


63, in January?! :)

29 Jan

Warm ride, had to shed layers mid-way through!


63 Degree Ride


Truly blessed to be able to do what I can do!



Monday Ride…

25 Jan

Great talk from CTS Expert Andy Applegate last night…

18 Jan

Our Coach, Hugh Moran, did an awesome job in snagging one of the best cycling coaches/riders (for age group now) in the nation for us last night.  He brought in Andy Applegate, now a coach at Carmichael Training Systems, to talk about racing strategy, nutrition, and recovery.

It was really helpful in so many ways, he comes from such a background of cycling its crazy.  He used to be a professional rider for many years, not he is around 40 and works for CTS in Asheville, NC.  He also biked the Leadville Trail 100 this past summer (August) on a tandem bike and set a new course record by over 30 mins!

Check out his coaching profile at Carmichael Training Sytems HERE!

Carmichael Training Systems (CTS)is a fitness consultant company started by Chris Carmichael, who is most famous for coaching elite endurance athletes, like Lance Armstrong.  There are only 3 locations in the Nation for CTS: Tuscon, Colorado Springs (headquarters), and Asheville.  We are so very fortunate to have such amazing coaches and fitness devices in this area!

What did you do today to get better?!



Planned ride for tomorrow:

16 Jan


Ride to Wolf Laurel Ski Resort…

14 Jan

The weather got close to 40 so I was all for getting out on my bike today!


What did you do today to get mentally tougher?!


Trigger Point Therapy, the difference is substancial!…

14 Jan

Trigger Point Therapy (TP Therapy) was introduced to me by a friend on the Cross Country team this past year.  He suffered from IT band problems, shin splints, and stress fractures in the past.  As most runners suffer from one thing or another (there are some that don’t, yes, but they would benefit too improving recovery time!), this therapy method would be a great addition to almost any runners pre/post routine.  When you reach a certain plateau of high miles, you will need to supplement your training in order to stay injury free.  80% of Americans were the incorrect shoe when they run, so either start getting it right or start doing some therapy on yourself!  Or do both and reap large benefits!!  *(Next week I will talk about how to choose the right show for you!)

TP Therapy helps the body by Myofascial Compression Techniques, which restore muscle elasticity and length tension relationships, improving fluidity and force production while allowing the body to freely move without pain.



-What did you do today to get healthier?!



Gabriel’s Creek Ride (6+ inches of snow!) by rednavelracing at Garmin Connect – Details

13 Jan

Gabriel’s Creek Ride (6+ inches of snow!) by rednavelracing at Garmin Connect – Details.

This was a very fun first day of cycling, not going to let a little cold weather and snow stop me from getting on my bike or putting my shoes on! :)


Good time to be an edurance athlete at Mars Hill!!

22 Dec

Men’s XC Qualified for Nationals and had a blast at the Fall Sports Festival held from Dec 2-5 in Louisville.  Just going was us overachieving once again, with only 1.5 scholarships per year to everyone else’s minimum of 3.  We were also the only all-American team out there too, so that felt good to be USA-bred runners, haha.  It snowed the morning of our race, 2 inches was on the ground when the race started, it was awesome!

MHC Cycling has certainly made some HUGE statements this past month on how our program has progressed over the year.  Just recently at Cyclocross Nationals Mars Hill took a full men’s and women’s team and came away with a 2nd place overall finish, the first team podium in Mars Hill history.  With that second place finish Mars Hill is now the overall Div. 2 leader with track, mountain, and cyclocross disciplines completed, and only road left to go.  You can bet we are going to do all the little things that matter in order to hold the title “National Champions” at the end of 2011! 

And probably the biggest honor of all within the last week was Mars Hill College Cycling being selected as the Collegiate Cyling school of the year by USA Cycling!  Hugh Moran, our coach and fearless leader, has done such an amazing job with the program.  We may do all the hardwork of riding, but he sure is pulling more than his load when it comes to recruiting, putting on meets, and finding us sponsors and bikes.  Awesome stuff Hugh, thanks so much!! 


What did you do today to get better?!



It doesn’t get much better than this…

24 Nov

Running with my best buds, no classes, no responsibilities for 6 days but running and disc golf, wow…this is the life…60 degrees daily temps…nationals coming up in a week we will be on our way already staying in the Hyatt getting free stuff from the NCAA, eating dinner one night at the Louisville slugger bat company, then our banquet after Nationals is at Churchill Downs (Kentucky Derby Race Track)…ahh…this is the life…if only my parents and more friends from back home could be with me more often is would be amazing…


…I hope everyone back home is having an awesome Thanksgiving break…I love you all and miss my family a bunch…Miss you Bails, thinking of you!!